Friday, 26 October 2012

10 Best Search Engine or SEO Tips for Small and Local Business

Yesterday, I read articles on search engine marketing published by one of Google's executive as  "How small and local business get more business using search Engine Techniques". and they sort out few tips for that. I also gone through other various articles and portals and decided to conclude these all tips at one place. here below there few tips for Small and local enterprises. 

1. To appoint search engine expert or Internet marketer who has knowledge of internet well.

2. To find out Zero point moment.

What is Zero point Moment ?
Ans:  If we gone through advertising media. there are various used media available in market but most of business expert use two broad media like first one is Internet marketing or advertising and Second Television media. As per Google Search Engine tools we shouldn't overlap these two media in single period of time or campaign. It means when we use TV for advertising that time we shouldn't use Internet Advertise and vice-versa. so the gap between two campaign should be Zero (0). 

The people who appointed as Search Engine Marketing should find out valid time, means Zero moment and start campaign as per specification.  

3. To find out best keywords which can target market and build good audiences. 

4. To write best unique content which can help in relevant search.
5. To answer the questions people are asking about company and product online by tailoring its online content, based on the auto-complete suggestions and other research performed in the previous tip.

6. Use social media(like ; Facebook, Google+, twitter, Linkedin, Quara and so on) periodically.

Social media is best way to getting brand name out there in market and get people who talking about your  brand and product. it can also help out in promotional activities like posting white paper and video about new product on social media ( like Facebook, youtube, vimeo, Vevo. Dailmotion and etc.) where people can like it and comment.

7. Write blog periodically ( 1 or 2 in a week).

It is very important for long term business and off-course everyone want it. and its best way to get opinion about the product and services from market. while writing blogs we should also include media news about the company and its product so we can get good backlinks over there.  

8. We should encourage blogger or internet marketer from outside who talking and writing about product and services.

9. To monitor competitor's activities in marketing its backlinks profile like ( blog, articles, updates , news etc.) and

10.To analyze social media and search periodically( once in a week).